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What Kind of Drip Coffee Maker Is Best, Flat Bottom or Cone Shaped?

Glass_Pour_Over_10Cup_64061_iCoffee lovers never compromise with the taste of the coffee they drink. To make sure that they are sipping the finest coffee, there are many measures they take to maintain a great taste. Most of the users like an automatic drip coffee maker because it comes with several great advantages that other type of coffee makers doesn’t provide. You can avail the best drip coffee makers in the market and trust it to provide you with good quality of coffee. Many people prefer going after single serve coffee maker and if I have to be specific Keurig coffee makers are on the top of the list according to Justcoffeemaker – a website which covers the reviews of various types of coffee makers.

However, a major differentiator in the drip coffee makers is the filters you use. There are two main filters which are flat bottom and cone shaped both of which have their own set of pros and cons. If you are someone who uses an automatic brewer, the best choice for you must be the cone shaped filter. Let’s see the detailed review of the Melitta 10-Cup Coffee Maker which is considered as one of the best drip coffee makers with a cone shaped filter.

Review of Melitta 10 Cup Coffee Maker

Below is the detailed review of the Melitta 10 cup coffee maker which will help you in making the decision of its purchase.

Exceptional Settings

The machine comes with some exceptional settings and configuration abilities. You can find all the regular settings along with some other useful ones which will help you in making coffee which tastes great. There are various programs in the machine as well which is just to ensure that you can make a good cup of coffee with the least efforts.

Modern Features

All the modern features are provided in the machine and this is the reason why it is called as one of the best drip coffee makers. If you leave it unattended for sometime, it can shut off automatically without anyone’s assistance which is a great safety feature. You will also find a feature where you can pause the machine to serve the coffee. The availability of such features is great for a coffee maker like this.

Cone Filter

Since this is a machine which is popular for its cone filter, this is a great advantage to have. Cone shaped filters allow you to filter the beans to a little finer than granules which is what most of the people prefer. It is an automatic coffee machine and thus, the cone filter is perfectly suitable for it.

Durable Body

The stainless steel body of the machine is robust and looks beautiful. It is easy to clean from the outside as well as from the inside. The parts are constructed in an ergonomic way and it would look great on your kitchen. Although the machine is not too compact, it is not huge either. If you have a decent amount of space, you can easily accommodate it.

Pros of Melitta 10 Cup Coffee Maker

  • The cone shaped filter provides a good taste of coffee since it enables a better coffee extraction.
  • It can make 10 cups of coffee at once which will be sufficient for your whole family.
  • Multiple types of settings are available for those who want to customize the process.

Cons of Melitta 10 Cup Coffee Maker

  • There are some problems with the temperature settings and at times, it can result in a bitter taste.
  • The coffee filter and the water tank are separate so it can be awkward to open both at times.
The Last Words

As we have seen the detailed review as well as all the pros and cons, it can be said that this is probably among the best drip coffee maker that comes with a cone filter.…

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